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Tekken 5 For PC Windows [XP, Vista, 7] Direct Link

Syifa Dzikry Saturday, 28 April 2012

Kali ini saya mau share game yang di request kawan saya yaitu  game  game Tekken 5 For PC Windows Full Version. Pastinya sobat semua sudah tidak asing lagi kan ama Tekken 5 Game Full Version for PC Free Download ini? Yups, tekken yang dulunya pernah populer di PS 1 dan 2 dan sampe sekarang menjadi permainan yang sangat di gemari oleh semua orang dunia yang hobbinya nge_games. Semuanya berlomba-lomba untuk Download Game Tekken 5 Full Version for PC Free dan di install di komputer atau Laptopnya. Ok langsung saja bagi yang tertarik download silahkan download..



Action | Arcade

• One of the most popular fighting game series Tekken games, and action that has long been popular among gamers. With each release of the popular game, but nevertheless the lack of innovation in the versions offered by many critics and opponents met. This situation occurred with tact and thinking new company with Namco decided to release version 5 of this game was to be present in this version of the previous players and new ideas to implement it, in this regard in Tekken 5 we see some changes and new initiatives and more
than 20 fighters, for example, if there is free and you can select one of the fighters to participate in competitions, and the addition of more than 10 players in the game there are hidden have more power than any other choice but to get the fighters in the tournament. Another new feature added in this version of the new techniques and tactics to combat the speed and power has been more militant movements and the speed of the gamers, and the quick and timely the keyboard or game to demonstrate new techniques, as well as fighters from different fighting equipment they use to defeat their rivals. This version can be fierce fighters, Jack 5 of animal power and devastating, Asuka Kazama martial Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu China kicks clever, Craig Marduk Fighting Bksvr and robust with strong blows Hwoarang Vs·hmgyn and taekwondo star named each feature and have their own
unique moves. Another unique feature of allowing workers to change clothes combat this
version is When testing the game and fell upon this subject, the tone and slow or pause the game without successive follow the download, so be sure to provide the hardware profile not difficult to.

- OS: Microsoft Windows: XP / 7
- Cpu: Pentium 4
- Ram: 2 GB
- Video Cards: 1 GB
- DirectX: Microsoft DirectX 9
- Hard Drive: 4.5 GB

• After downloading, run the keys to control your game executable file 5 Tekken to get into setup mode and select Install Before You Read to see and read the description for installing and running games.
And also played in the following keys to control your game : I, J, K, L, Space, Enter

•Download Link : 
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Download dan semoga bermanfaat...


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